Shortlisting the best waterproof cases for iPhone 6s


The Ultraproof Tethys for iPhone 6s is the most reasonable case we tried, retailing for as low as $20 on Amazon. (On the organization’s site, the cost is recorded at $80, however that cost is crossed out, with a special cost of $50 recorded.) We don’t prescribe this one for a couple reasons, however. For one thing, it’s somewhat massive, at 14 mm thick—second just to the Tigra Sport case in that measure. The case additionally obstructs the iPhone’s encompassing light sensor, so the handset can’t naturally change its screen shine. These protests are debatable at the season of production, be that as it may, as the case is as of now inaccessible on Amazon, the sole affiliate.


Regardless of picking Seidio’s Obex as the top pick for the iPhone 6s Plus, we can’t suggest its iPhone 6s partner ($75). Both units worked similarly well in our own testing, yet the as a matter of fact little number of surveys for the iPhone 6s form are consistently awful, with clients taking note of issues with releasing and sound quality. It’s conceivable that quality control isn’t solid, and in spite of our unit functioning admirably, defective units are making it out to individuals. (The 6 Plus variant gets 3.6 begins once again 29 surveys, which isn’t stellar, however it’s the best accessible alternative right at this point.)


As noted above, three cases spilled in both our pool and stream tests. LifeProof’s $90 Nüüd for iPhone 6s Plus was an amazing disappointment, considering the quality of the iPhone 6s release. Since the iPhone 6s Nüüd performed so well, we asked for an extra example of the iPhone 6s Plus variant for testing. This second unit endured thirty minutes in the pool without spilling. There’s no adage what brought about the main unit to spill, however it appears like it might have just been a lemon. We have more trust in the Nüüd after this test yet suggest the Obex, which has never fizzled us.

The Dog and Bone Wetsuit ($60; for the iPhone 6s) utilizes a double layer outline with a plastic external edge and an elastic inward covering. This case additionally let water in amid our underlying round of testing, regardless of cases of an IP68 rating. Amazon has just a modest bunch of client audits, however a couple notice water spills. We later tried a second example of this case in the pool, and however we saw water beads inside the Wetsuit’s plastic external edge, none of the dampness endured the case’s elastic inward layer. At last, the Tigra Sport MountCase for iPhone 6s ($75), looks engaging but is it the best iPhone 6s waterproof case? Well based on account of a biological system of frill, for example, armbands and auto mounts; yet it likewise released, it’s the heaviest and biggest of the cases we tried, and it has a noteworthy crevice between the screen defender and the phone’s presentation glass.

LifeProof’s Frē Power ($130) is one of a kind among the cases we tried. In addition to the fact that it is waterproof, it’s a battery case, charging the iPhone 6s when the battery runs low. Lifeproof guarantees the case can survive being submerged in two meters of water for 60 minutes, and additionally confronting drops of two meters. Every one of these components require penances. The Frē Power is really the minimum proficient case among the 21 we’ve tried as far as charge percent per dollar, giving a normal charge or 96% from its 2600-mAh battery. It’s likewise the absolute most costly case we tried. In any case, it confronted a water test in a kitchen sink, and is respectably svelte for all that it offers. In the event that you totally require both power and waterproofing, this one takes care of business.

We decided to not test various cases. A considerable lot of them have vanished or had their postings changed since we initially looked. At the season of our underlying examination, Bala-Zone’s iPhone 6s Plus case ($15) was accessible just from outsider dealers, and just in utilized conditions. It can now be bought new specifically from the organization, with the item posting expressing that the case’s mold has been upgraded taking into account poor clients surveys. We don’t have a ton of trust in an organization that ships a non-practical waterproof case in any case.


Top Apple iPad Pro 9.7 cases

Here is the list of best iPad Pro 9.7 cases


Composed particularly for iPad Pro, Apple’s adornments are generally a portion of the best, offering an abnormal state of fit and complete, and also includes that exploit their products’ one of a kind capacities.

apple keyboard case

With the “Pro” assignment, Apple’s most recent 9.7-inch iPad accompanies a Smart Connector for mating with Smart Keyboard, the organization’s portable console arrangement presented nearby the 12.9-inch iPad Pro a year ago. The 9.7-inch form is to a great extent like its bigger kin, and joins the most recent innovations like a conductive fabric for two-way power and information exchange. Continue reading

ADJ Trots Out Style Tab 10.1

ADJ, a company specializing in research, manufacture and distribution of computer and technology accessories, thanks to the strong European partnership that binds to Intel, Intel launches ADJ Style Tab 10.1 “Android device that supports an Intel Atom Z2460. This combination of technologies, as well as being a novelty for the Italian market, makes it a high profile product that can definitely compete with the Big industry. ADJ Intel Style Tab 10.1 “has already installed Google Play so that the user – thanks to ‘WiFi antenna output and micro OTG 2.0 that allows you to take advantage of the 3G mobile internet sticks to navigate – can download all the apps that want to in no time, using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc), stay in touch with their friends through video chats and share photos and movies thanks to the dual camera.

ADJ Trots Out Style Tab 10.1

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Rumors of new iPad 5

The rumors about the new iPad – which in all probability Apple will unveil at the event on March 7 – intensify more and more. In the last hours we have in fact heard of a possible iPad mini and we recorded what should be the characteristics of the new device . Among the many rumors also suggest the presence of a mysterious case that Best Buy would start to receive. According to the latest rumors, the next iPad cases have already been shipped to major chain stores. If this were true, we’d be able to know the physical size of the new tablet. The case in question is a variant of an existing model, see the first one shown here the Targus Versavu 360 houses available for iPad 2.

At the moment Targus preferred not to comment on the story, but according to some hypothesis in question is not to be discarded a priori since according to many, the new iPad could have a design very similar to that of its predecessor. This circumstance would, in fact, tip the balance in favor of the school of thought according to which, Targus would have made some slight changes to its product, it would also have been sent to major retail chains.

Nokia to make tablet

This is music to my hears. Who better to make a Windows 8 tablet than Nokia. I expect this thing to rival any tablet on the market top to bottom. Windows doesn’t have some of the hardware limitation that WP does like no NFC, HD resolutions etc (as of yet) so hardware should be top notch. WOW me Nokia…1080p screen with NFC, quad core, USB 3.0 AMOLED Clear Black…the works!

This is on my list to buy. Apple tablets and Android tablets still just can’t fully replace a full desktop environment. If they can get a quad core ARM tablet with 2-4GB of RAM and have it run as smoothly as iOS or Android I’m in :D. Based on this MetroUI and the experience I had with the Beta version (Which used less resources and ran smoother than Windows 7 on an Intel Celeron Dual Core laptop) it’s going to be a winner. Listen, I do not need the 41mp camera of the Nokia Lumia 1020. I need to be productive on the move.

Biggest iPad rival: Nexus 7 Unboxing

Nexus 7 tablet is the Google’s first OFFICIAL tablet to rival Apple’s tablet – the iPad. The Nexus tablet is much smaller, lighter and is much much cheaper too – with the 8GB version starting at mere $200. Other specs include Tegra 3 processor, 12-core graphics processor with 7-inch IPS display (resolution of 1280 x 800), battery life up to 8 hours, 300 hours of standby time, 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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ooVoo 12 way chat on iPad

Now, let the games begins… microsoft vs google, apple vs google.  Let me get my popcorn ready for all the fireworks. I hope this doesn’t turn into a numbers war, with company after company claiming to support 16 way calling… now with 24 WAY CALLING…WE HAVE 48 way calling!

ooVoo 12 way chat on iPad

Enspert E301, another iPad rival

Enspert, a Korean tablet manufacture is now offering E301 android tablet in US. Pricing information is not yet available but we are expecting to retail at somewhere around 200 dollars, just like its predecessor that is current being sold for 180 dollars.


While the company is yet to tell us its specs, its FCC has given us a glimpse of what is in the tunnel – 7 inch, WSVGA capacitive touch screen screen, Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 1Ghz processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB flash storage, micro SD card slot and a 4100mAh battery.

iPad PDF Printer

ipad-pdf-printer Converted PDF files can be opened in iBooks for best reading experience. Also, you can send PDFs by e-mail, open in other apps and even transfer to computer over USB using iTunes File Sharing.


*    Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents

*    Word, Excel and PowerPoint files

*    Photos

*    Pictures and Texts from Clipboard

*    Contacts

*    Web Pages

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